Dear Norwegian friends,

we were waiting for something like that to happen…

we are happy to announce our cooperation, for Summer 2019 with Thomas Cook.

From Oslo directly to Karpathos and Sunrise Hotel!


It’s that time of year when tourists flood the Greek islands and mainland. As you gear up with maps and travel guide books, print up this little list of the 30 most useful Greek phrasesphonetically spelled out for visitors in Greece!

1. Hello: Yassoo (familiar) or yassas (formal)
2. Do you speak English?: Meelate angleeka?
3. How are you: Ti kanis? (familiar) Ti kanete (formal)
4. Good or well: Kala
5. Very good or very well: Polee kala
6. Fine: Meeah harah
7. So-so: Etsi kayetsi
8. What is your name?: Poseh leneh
9. Good morning: Kaleemera (familiar) or kaleemera sas (formal)
10. Good evening: Kaleespera (familiar) or kaleespera sas (formal)
11. Goodnight: Kaleenikta (familiar) or kaleenikta sas (formal)
12. Can you help me?: Boreeteh na meh voytheeseteh?
13. Where am I?…Where are we?: Pooh eemeh? pooh eemasteh?
14. Where is the toilet?: Pooh eeneh i tualéta?
15. I need a doctor: Kreeahzomeh yeeahktro
16. I am staying at (the hotel): Méno sto…(xenodocheío)
17. I love you: S’agapo
18. I am a vegetarian: Eemay chortofagos
18. I would like…: Tha eethelah…
19. Thank you: Efcharisto
20. In your face: Sta moutra sou (only if you feel like a fight)
21. Yes: Nai
22. No: Okhee
23. Water: Nero
24. Drink: Poto
25. Wine: Krasi
26. Please: Parakalo
27. I don’t understand: Then katalaveno
28. Sea: Thalassa
29. The bill please!: To logariasmo, parakalo!
30. How much is it?: Poso kanee?