Hotel Directory

Hotel Directory


Check in time is at 14:00, however, the room will be available the soonest possible. Subject to availability.


Check-out time is 12:00. Late check-out is available on request, with an extra charge, Subject to availability. For further information, please contact reception.

Air conditioning / heating

Each room has an autonomous air conditioning unit, which is controlled by remote control. Before using the air condition, please make sure your balcony door is closed.

Electricity / Voltage

The electrical power in 220 V


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All the rooms have a power saving system installed. Your key holder is a magnet that opens or closes the room’s electrical power switch when placed in the special socket at the entrance of the room. The power supply to the refrigerator is not affected.

For your own safety, in case you lose your key, please notify the reception desk as soon as possible. Always close the door when leaving your room. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of money or personal belongings.

Please avoid any contact of the magnet with watches and credit cards. Please remember to leave the key in the reception on check out.

Accounting department

For your better service, we would like to inform you that for accounts over 500€, payment may only be made by credit card or bank wire transfer.

Please have your accounts settled the latest on the evening before departure. The hotel's accounting department is at your disposal from 08:00 to 21:00.

Credit cards

All credit cards are accepted (Visa, Master Card, American Express).


If you have any problem, please give us the opportunity to solve it by calling the Manager.


All rooms are equipped with a 32” satellite TV.

Cleaning service

Room cleaning is until 14:00. Towels and bedding are changed every three days. Please do not take the hotel’s towels to the beach. Sundays there is not cleaning due to staff day off. Please pay attention to some products of personal care such as sunscreens, tanning lotions and make-up products that destroy beddings. The Hotel reserves the right to claim reimbursement for any damaged linen.


For items such as blankets, extra pillows, towels or hangers, please contact the reception.

A Request

Please turn off the lights and the air condition when leaving the room.


Direct calls are possible from your room at an extra charge. Dial 9 and then the phone number.

Security box/ Safes.

Are available free of charge and you can find them in the rooms’ wardrobe. You can take the key from the Reception desk. Sunrise Hotel is not responsible for any loss of valuables. Please remember to leave the key to the Reception on your departure.


Please do not throw anything into the toilet, as this could damage the hotel’s sanitary system.

Balcony doors

During the summer months, strong winds are very common. If the balcony doors are  left open, the wind can damage the entrance door to the room.

Baby cots

Are available on request, free of charge


Breakfast buffet is served from 06: 30 to 10: 30. Early morning breakfast service is available on request.


The bar is open from 09:00. - 23: 30pm

Room service

It is available from 09:00 to 23:30 at an additional charge.

The gym

The Hotel is equipped with a gym. For more information, please contact the Reception.

Luggage compartment

A luggage storage room is available if you wish to leave your luggage, please contact the Reception.


Smoking is not allowed in all hotel areas.

Business Center

The business center, featuring computer, printer, fax, scanner and photocopier is located next to the reception deck.


Free Wi-Fi is available in all hotel areas. A laptop or tablet can be provided at an

extra charge. Please contact the reception.


Tap water is not drinkable. As during the summer months there is shortage of water, please spend it wisely. Before leaving the room, please make sure, all taps are closed and if you notice any leakage please report it in the Reception immediately.

Hot water

Provided 24 hours.


Pets are not allowed in the Hotel. Some stray cats, enter the hotel on their own. Please do not pay any attention, so that they are discouraged from staying at the accommodation.

These cats do not belong to the Hotel, they are not vaccinated, and it is not safe to touch them, regardless of the intimacy they have.

For hygiene reasons, avoid feeding them. Do not use Ηotel’s items, glassware or towels to care them.

When a cat is fed, she stays forever on the shelter, which requires intervention by local authorities to remove them.


Karpathos is one of the safest destinations in Greece and Europe. For your safety, however, we recommend that you always keep your room locked. Please avoid disclosing your room number to strangers. In case you lose your room key, please report it to the Reception immediately.

Visitors are not allowed in the rooms.

Lost Items

Report any missing items soonest. We will make every effort to find them.


You can call taxi station at 2245022705 or Please contact the reception.

First aid

In the event of an accident, please inform the receptionist or staff member. First aid kit is in the Reception.

Exits of Risk

The emergency exits are marked on the map located on the door of your room. In case of emergency, do not panic and look for the closest emergency exit.

Doctor and Dentist

If you need a doctor or dentist, please consult the Reception.

Fire Safety Instructions

We have taken security measures for your safety and all our staff are trained to help you in case of emergency.

Do not smoke in the room and inside the hotel.

Always use the ashtray provided on the balcony.

Learn the escape route.

In case of difficulty walking, please contact the reception.

If you discover the fire:

Stay calm, do not panic.

Ring the fire alarm, by breaking the window of the closest "Fire Alarm Switch".

Inform the reception desk of the location of the fire.

Evacuate the room closing all doors behind you.

Do not stop to pick up personal items.

If you smell smoke, stay low, smoke rises.

Use the closest emergency exit. -  Do not use the lift.

Go to the "Muster Station".

Do not re-enter the hotel until you are notified that it is safe.

If you must stay in the room, seal the door with wet towels, open and stay close to the window until help arrives.


Banks open daily from 8:00 to 14:00 except on weekends and bank holidays


There are 4 Pharmacies in the area, for hours of operation and off duty calls, please contact the Reception.

Car rental

Our Reception staff will be very pleased to help you.


Karpathos International Airport is located about 20 minutes by car from the Hotel (17km).

Flight Reservations

The Reception will be very glad to assist you with reservations/confirmations, and/or itineraries.

Buses’ Schedule Information

In the Reception you can request general information about the buses routes.


For information and reservations, please contact the Reception.

Correspondence and messages

Incoming mail and messages are stored in the Reception desk. Postcards can be purchased at the Reception.

Letters can be placed in the mail box at the Reception desk. Letters & postcards are collected daily.

Newspapers and Books

An exchange library ​​is available in the reception area. You can borrow a book of your choice or you can leave one if you wish. Daily newspapers are also available, please contact the Reception.

Wake-up Calls

Lift the handset, type *7601, enter the time (HHMM), followed by 0, hear the confirmation tone and hang-up.  Alternatively, contact the Reception by dialing 0.

Phone Calls

All phone calls will automatically be charged to your account.


For your safety, please avoid swimming for a minimum of 2 hours after a meal.


An Earthquake is a common phenomenon in Greece. If it occurs DO NOT PANIC.

If you are in your room, simply lay on the floor next to your bed in a fetal position.


Road Accidents

A road accident may take place at anytime, anywhere to anybody.

Always drive safely. Wear safety belts, whenever driving a car, and a safety helmet if riding on a motor bike or scooter. Obey all driving rules and follow signs and signals.  DO NOT DRIVE if under the influence of alcohol, or medication.


Telephone Information Services

External line by dialing number 9 from your room.

From room to room: Room number directly

Local call: 9 + code + number

International call: 9 + international number + number



**The Administration reserves the right to change or cancel any of the above-mentioned services without notice.